ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

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The ASIO4ALL installer uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. I hereby thank the authors for making this available for free!

I'd also like to say "Thank You!" to everyone for the tremendous amount of feedback that I received. I'd like to especially thank all those putting up with all the "Test Version" stuff I sent out in order to get things working at the expense of your patience! Also a big THANKS! to all those who are just letting me know how well it works for them and a big SORRY for not always having the time to reply!

A complete French localization has been provided by Guillaume Fallet.

Gianfranco Minischetti performed the Italian localization work.

The Russian localization was provided by Egor Petrov.

Portuguese localization courtesy of Marco Sa.

The Spanish translation has been the work of Ezequiel Festa.

A. R. Eren provided the Turkish localization.

I have learned that there used to be a similar project, which, as of this writing, appears to have died, though.

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