Win10 64 bit 3 "soundcards" your working configuration in here

Win10 64 bit 3 "soundcards"

Postby techno mind » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:51 am

XMG 722 Pro (=Clevo P370EM)
Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit

internal soundcard disabled in ASIO4ALL (Realtek)

Attached via powered USB Hub:
Roland MX-1 A
Roland MX-1 B
Roland TR-8

Gives a whopping 50 in 40 out @96kHz.

However, trying to add a RME Babyface doesn´t work (loose all IO and only see 2 channels) , see other thread. Will update if I get it to integrate :)

Happy anyway, thanks for making this possible !
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