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News: February 2005: WDOSX 0.97 (Final) 

This is the final release ever from my side. Compatibilty with OpenWatcom generated executables has been provided and some more changes which to document I forgot. Download wdosx097.zip (690.944 bytes).

Changes since WDOSX 0.96:

Beta 1:

Beta 2:

Get it from here (WDX097B2.ZIP 667.284 bytes).


WDosX is a free 32 bit DOS extender. The most recent final version is 0.97 which you can download from this page. Supported memory allocation schemes are:

While running under WDosX your program has access to a fair subset of DPMI 0.9 functions as well as an extended DOS INT 21 API. WDosX comes with some libraries, example programs and a full screen debugger. It features a true flat (zero based) memory model and support for DLLs as well as executable compression.

The following programming environments are supported by WDosX 0.97:

Assembler/ Compiler Supported target executable formats
NASM Flat form binary, RDOFF, RDOFF 2 (NEW!)
TASM 32 bit "MZ", PE
MASM 32 bit "MZ", PE
MSVC++ 4/5 (NEW! MSVC 6) Win32 - PE
Borland C++ 4.xx/5.xx Win32 - PE
Borland C++ Builder Win32 - PE
Borland Delphi 2, 3 and 4 Win32 - PE
Watcom C++ Watcom style LE

Different target executable formats are supported with different feature sets:

EXE format DLL Support True Flat EXE compression
Plain Binary NO NO NO
32 bit "MZ" NO NO NO
[1] Floating segment also available but without support for DLLs and compression.
[2] True flat only if relocation info found. There are four different sub formats.

I have set up a mailing list to provide a means for users of WDOSX to exchange ideas, code, solutions to common problems etc. and to collectively bitch about bugs in WDOSX. To subscribe, send an email to wdosx-subscribe@makelist.com or use the Form provided at the bottom of this page.

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Download the combined WDOSX 0.97 binaries and source package (690944 bytes)

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The Netwide Assembler(NASM)
...so you will learn what that NASM talk is all about

Peter's PMODE pages
An excellent protected mode programming resource, slightly focussed on but not limited to Watcom.

The Delphi- WDOSX Project
Extremely comprehensive programming framework and tons of information. If you're into using Delphi with WDOSX and still haven't been there, you're definitely missing out on something! Since the last WDOSX release, I've fixed two issues the Win32 emulation had with the handling of resources. Immo, the DWP maintainer, ran into these while working on his project. You can download the fixed kernel32.wdl from here. Just put in place of the one that came with WDOSX 0.96.

P32 Pascal Compiler
A freeware 32 bit Pascal compiler

Pascal Pro Compiler
Another free 32 bit Pascal compiler + source. Supports WDOSX true flat model.

Sudley Place Software
If Wudebug isn't enough for your debugging needs, you may want to try their free 386SWAT debugger. Looks like there's virtually nothing that thing doesn't debug...

A free linker that links OMF/LIB to COM, MZ and PE. Specifically the author mentions its use with NASM.

DPMI 0.9 specification
You may need this one to make full use of WDosX's capabilities

Check the pmode directory on X2FTP for other freeware extenders
...if you don't like WDosX, that is. Or check out

Cristopher Heng's Website
That not only contains links to other free DOS extenders but also to free compilers etc.

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Author contact
Michael Tippach
Alpenrosenstrasse 25
86179 Augsburg
email: mtippach@gmx.net
ICQ: 123799232
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