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20 June 2014: Important!

There has been a mixup with the 2.11 downloads that has been corrected now. If you downloaded your ASIO4ALL 2.11 before having read this, please re-download and re-install!
Symptom of an old (broken) download would be stuttering playback with x64 hosts. Sorry for the inconvenience!

17 June 2014: Version 2.11 released!

  • Combined 32/64 bit version, supports Win 98SE/ME/2k/XP/MCE/2003/XP64 and Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.x x86/x64

  • After more than 4 years, of course, this is a *major* update!

ASIO4ALL 2.11 - English
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - French (Translation: Guillaume Fallet)
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Italian (Translation: Gianfranco Minischetti)
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Portuguese (Translation: Marco Sa)
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Russian (Translation: Egor Petrov)
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Spanish (Translation: Ezequiel Festa)
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Turkish (Translation: A. R. Eren)
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Deutsch
ASIO4ALL 2.11 - Chinese (English manual)

Changes since version 2.10
  • Improvement: Make an attempt to reclaim an unavailable audio device, includes workaround for a (confirmed) Windows bug.

  • Improvement: Add general fixed factor resampling capabilty

  • Improvement: Latencies now displayed for the preferred buffer size, if host elects to violate the spec.

  • Improvement: Support for single common sample rate that is *not* a multiple of 8 or 11.025

  • Workaround: Realtek PULL mode not supported for "odd" ASIO buffer sizes. Symptom was a "Beyond Logic" error depending on ASIO buffer size.

  • Fix: Potential application compatibilty issue regarding ASIO reset request message

  • Fix: Increased latency in x64 mode

  • Fix: Pull mode _and_ latency display now working

  • Fix: ASR issue with MSVC 2013 x64 -> Performance impact with hosts compiled with MSVC 2013

  • Fix: UI appearance with different system locale

  • Fix: Hang with some x64 hosts

  • Fix: Crash on exit of A4Apanel64.exe

  • Fix: Minor memory leak

  • Fix: All known 2.11 Beta(1,2) regressions fixed!

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